Stacey Abrams continues the fight for Georgia, donating tons of money to state Democratic lawmakers

Though she is, sadly, not going to be serving as Georgia’s next governor, Democrat Stacey Abrams is already planning for her next leadership position and working hard to set state Democrats up for success. This week, Abrams announced that her organization, Fair Fight Georgia, will be making a campaign contribution of approximately $60,000 to each Democratic state lawmaker. 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Fair Fight Action PAC raised about $220,000 this week alone, and that Abrams says the donations are aligned with the organization’s efforts to “[reform] Georgia elections and [build] progressive power in the state to advocate for issues that matter to Georgians.”

Even though she’s no longer in or running for office, it’s great to see Abrams use her influence and popularity to make sure that Democrats across the state are supported and well-resourced in order to continue championing progressive policies. She’s certainly an invaluable asset to the party and has much to offer both her home state and the country. 

As far as her next moves, we only have to wait a few months to hear what her plans are. Abrams has said that she will decide by late March if she’s running for Senate in 2020 or going to once again challenge Republican Brian Kemp for the governor’s seat. However, if recent meetings are any indication of her plans, it could be very good news for us. 


I’m told that @staceyabrams met separately yesterday with @SenSchumer and @SenCortezMasto to chat about a potential Senate run in 2020. #gapol

— Greg Bluestein (@bluestein) January 11, 2019

Though it would be great if she got the governor’s job (especially since Kemp stole the election from her through fraud and voter disenfranchisement), we could certainly use Stacey Abrams in the Senate. Fingers crossed.

Either way—run, Stacey, run! You’ve got many of us who are behind you and cheering you on all the way.

Source: dailykos