State of the Union: Pelosi says Trump's address poses 'security threat' during shutdown – live

Speaker of the House tells reporters Trump can give his address ‘from the Oval Office if he wants’

8.26pm GMT

Beto O’Rourke seems to have started a road trip and it’s chronicled in an unusual Medium post for a potential presidential candidate.

Have been stuck lately. In and out of a funk. My last day of work was January 2nd. It’s been more than twenty years since I was last not working. Maybe if I get moving, on the road, meet people, learn about what’s going on where they live, have some adventure, go where I don’t know and I’m not known, it’ll clear my head, reset, I’ll think new thoughts, break out of the loops I’ve been stuck in.

8.04pm GMT

Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, the chair of the Homeland Security Committee has issued a statement supporting Pelosi on the State of the Union.

“I wholeheartedly support Speaker Pelosi’s call to delay the State of the Union address until the government re-opens. The Secret Service is the lead federal agency in charge of facilitating security for the yearly State of the Union address, but because of the Trump shutdown, the agency is currently not fully operational. It would be completely inappropriate for President Trump to further deplete the agency’s resources and manpower for the sole purpose of having an hour of uninterrupted primetime television coverage.

“Today, nearly four weeks after the President shut down the government over his ineffective, wasteful border wall, hundreds of thousands of federal employees are still being held hostage – and our national security is becoming more vulnerable every day. President Trump needs to bring a swift end to his absurd temper tantrum and reopen the government immediately.”

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Source: theguardian