Ted Malloch: Brexit Opens Up Devious Politicking Over NORTHERN IRELAND

Ted Malloch: Brexit Opens Up Devious Politicking Over NORTHERN IRELAND

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of Davos, Aspen and Yale

The European Union, a devious bunch of unelected socialist supranationalist bureaucrats with no regard for democracy, is trying to pull off a “Fast One.”

The gambit is insisting that the United Kingdom in leaving the EU in its Brexit vote and withdrawal bill — now abandon Northern Ireland.

Yet, Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.

It has been formally since 1801, when it forged the Acts of Union. In a 1921 partition, Ireland to the south, formed its own republic, and then called it the Irish Free State.

In a 1973 referendum the people of Northern Ireland voted by over 98.9 per cent to stay as part of the UK.

They are called “Unionists” for a reason!

Most of these Orangemen were descendants of colonists from Great Britain and Protestant by faith.

The Brits spent years defending the Ulster homeland against the IRA.

They sent some 50,000 troops to defend it during “the situation” or troubled times, which lasted thirty years, from 1968-1998, until the Good Friday Accord brought relative peace.

There is no “hard” border any longer.

The Irish Republican Army (IRA) also called Provisional Irish Republican Army, is a republican paramilitary organization seeking the establishment (by violence, if necessary) of a republic, the end of British rule in Northern Ireland, and the reunification of Ireland.

In other words, they want Northern Ireland lock, stock and barrel and are using Brexit as the latest opportunity to try to achieve what they could not by other means.

And now, in a not so secret set of deals, the EU and the Republic of Ireland are trying to hold Northern Ireland hostage.

It is seen as a mere bargaining chip.

They want it as the final price to pay for Brexit.

The Taoiseach of Ireland (Prime Minister in Gaelic) Leo Varadkar is the stumbling block. He has said, “Brexit is fraying relations between Britain and Ireland.”

He has been seen hand in hand with slippery EU President Jean-Claude Juncker trying to arrange the unthinkable.

Ireland sought a special provision in any Brexit deal to allow Northern Ireland to rejoin the EU should it be united with the Republic.

Sinn Féin (the far-left Irish political party that operates in both Ireland and Northern Ireland) is demanding a referendum on the future of Northern Ireland if there is ‘no deal’ on Brexit, because they say “a hard border would be erected the instant the UK crashes out of the EU under World Trade Organization rules”, according to that party’s leader.

Mary Lou McDonald said a hard border would be so damaging to peace and prosperity on the island of Ireland that, “the Irish would not just sit back and allow it to happen.”

According to the BBC, “the draft withdrawal (BREXIT) agreement says Northern Ireland alone would align with the EU single market in some areas, meaning new regulatory barriers between Great Britain and Northern Ireland – the so-called Irish Sea border.”

That’s what has frustrated Northern Ireland’s biggest Unionist party – the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) so much.

Their leader, Arlene Foster, has said, Mrs. May’s deal “raises alarm bells.” She could not support it and now lacks confidence in the UK negotiating stance and its’ leader.

It was notable that the two members of the Theresa May, UK Conservative cabinet who recently quit – Dominic Raab and Esther McVey – both specifically mentioned the ‘union’ in their resignation statements.

Former Brexit Secretary, Raab said the regulatory regime planned for NI was a “very real threat” to the integrity of the UK,” while ex-Work and Pensions Secretary, McVey said “as a unionist,” she couldn’t “back anything that risked breaking it up.”

The whole Brexit fiasco is becoming more apparent.

This is a land grab — as well as extortion (the bill for which is 39 billion pounds paid by the UK to the EU for leaving the club).

While the ‘Remaniners’ who never wanted to leave the EU demand a crazy second vote to undo the democratic decision taken in June 2016, the Conservative government is split, with its’ Remainer PM going back on her word, her party manifesto, her speeches and votes where she unambiguously stated, “Brexit means Brexit.”

The Ulster DUP has now said it will no longer supply support or votes to the deal that is against their long held and deeply seated interests.

Who would?

Should Dublin be allowed to dictate to London?

Should Ireland control the fate of Brexit?

Breaking up the UNITED Kingdom should never be an option.

Would the US relinquish New Mexico to get a trade deal with Mexico or New England to see Canada coerce America into such?

No way.

Why should the UK?

Maybe it is time President Trump poked his nose into the EU globalist tent and told them to bugger off!


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