The Barr cover-up: Trump was not exonerated, and anyone claiming otherwise is a liar or a dupe

If the Mueller report exonerates Trump, why are Republicans so desperate to prevent anyone from seeing it? If media outlets are so determined to opine on the Mueller report’s meaning, why don’t they tell us how much of the report they’ve actually seen? If some reporters and pundits want to cite the Mueller report as a condemnation of the work of those who assiduously reported on the Trump-Russia scandal, why don’t they specify what Mueller proved they got wrong?

The single most important publicly known fact about the Mueller report is that we haven’t seen the Mueller report. Congress hasn’t seen the Mueller report. Those members of Congress who have the absolute highest security clearances (and didn’t get them because their daddy or daddy-in-law overruled career security specialists to procure them) haven’t seen the Mueller report. Every media source citing the Mueller report as proof of anything hasn’t seen the Mueller report.


So, the Mueller Report provides a total vindication of the president, and therefore it must never be seen by the American people? Sure, that checks out.

— Kevin M. Kruse (@KevinMKruse) March 25, 2019

All we have on the Mueller report is Trump-appointed Attorney General William Barr’s word about the Mueller report, and there is not a less credible source anywhere on the Mueller report than William Barr.


This is a complicated and problematic decision for both of them. Before he took office, Barr wrote a memo preemptively attacking the obstruction component of Mueller’s investigation. Rosenstein was part of the conduct (firing Comey) that the investigation would have examined.

— southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) March 24, 2019


As an attorney in private practice, William Barr wrote a nineteen-page unsolicited memo to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, criticizing “Mueller’s ‘Obstruction’ Theory.” As the attorney general, he wrote a three-and-a-half-page memo summarizing the entire investigation.

— David Gura (@davidgura) March 25, 2019

In fact, Barr’s confirmation as attorney general left right wing fulminators openly glowing with glee, for Trump finally had a man in place who understood his job to be, first and foremost, the protection of Trump.

Source: dailykos