The #FiveWhiteGuys trying to take down Pelosi are stupid beyond words

Democrats are coming off their biggest House victory since Watergate, having been led by Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised $250 million, dramatically outraising the GOP’s counterpart ($174 million), and likely half that money can be directly traced back to Pelosi. She was a tireless campaigner, and an unselfish one—she very clearly allowed Democratic candidates in tough Red districts to distance themselves from her, promising to not vote for her. Can you imagine the traitor in the White House doing anything similar?

Pelosi was also at the helm of a party strategy that laser-focused candidates on one issue: the election. Everyone was screaming about impeachment and Donald Trump and climate change and on and on and on. All good and worthwhile issues! But Pelosi was focused on winning, and she saw what the polls said: that the only issue that moved votes was health care. Let Trump flail and fling poo against the wall, she and her party would not be distracted. 

And then, her party won. And it won big. And a week and a half after Election Night, the wave keeps lapping on the shore, en route to a stunning 39-41-seat wave victory despite facing a heavily gerrymandered pro-GOP map. 

Sure, Trump helped. But by remaining focused and undistracted by his insanity, our candidates punched through the suburbs, reshaping the political map and setting Democrats up nicely for increased gains in 2020. 

But Republicans hate Pelosi and have demonized her, in large part because of her incredible effectiveness, so a cabal of House Democrats have conspired to force her out. Mind you, they’re not running against her. That would actually be okay! Problem is, they know they don’t have the votes to elect anyone else, so instead, they’re trying to use the rules of the House to simply block her. 

The #FiveWhiteGuys are Reps. Seth Moulton (MA-06), Ed Perlmutter (CO-07), Rep. Tim Ryan (OH-13), Kurt Schrader (OR-05), and Bill Foster (IL-11), apparently all begging for a 2020 primary battle. (And I’m eager to help them get it!)

Source: dailykos