The Match: Tiger Woods & Peyton Manning v Phil Mickelson & Tom Brady – live!

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9.58pm BST

1UP Woods/Manning v Mickelson/Brady (3)

We’re off to the par-five 3rd where Manning and Brady, both presumably thankful for the best-ball format after a pair of abysmal tee shots, will each get a stroke per their handicaps. This hole comes with a long-drive challenge for charity, which Woods wins after Mickelson slices into to the trees. Unsurprisingly, it again comes down to Tiger and Phil and it’s Woods who birdies to get his team on the board.

9.38pm BST

Woods/Manning A/S Mickelson/Brady (2)

The rain has picked back up again and it’s miserable out there. Peyton zooms up the fairway after smashing a perfect drive and second shot, explaining to match commentator Charles Barkley that he’s not in red and black because he didn’t want to wear University of Georgia colors and wind up on their social media feed. Brady, meanwhile, is having a bad time, sending his tee shot into a bunker and his second into the hazard before taking a drop.

I’m no lip reader but… #TheMatch2

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Source: theguardian