Top White House aide 'fired' after Melania Trump intervention, report says – live

8.51pm GMT

CNBC is now reporting that the Wall Street Journal story was wrong and that Ricardel is still a White House employee since this saga couldn’t get any weirder.

A White House official just told reporters the WSJ story is not accurate. Says Mira Ricardel has not been fired or escorted off the grounds and is at her desk and still works at the WH now.

8.34pm GMT

An hour after Melania Trump called for the sacking of deputy national security advisor Mira Ricardel, the White House aide has been fired.

The Wall Street Journal reports she was escorted out of the White House minutes ago. Only two hours before her dismissal, she attended a White House Diwali ceremony with Trump.

NEW: John Bolton’s No. 2, Mira Ricardel, was escorted from the White House moments ago, an administration officials tell ⁦@WSJ⁩. Ricardel was standing just a few feet from President Trump earlier this afternoon.

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Source: theguardian