Trevor Noah artfully steers 'white reparations' question back to conversations we should be having

Devoted fans of The Daily Show might be aware that Comedy Central’s long-running flagship news and humor show offers more info and laughs than those that make it to broadcast. An online-only series called “Between the Scenes,” (BtS) features host Trevor Noah offering deeper takes of what the show covered—before he moves onto the next topic. It’s in these unscripted bits that Noah often shines most, as he breaks down challenging subjects, and answers audience questions with his signature, well-informed sense of humor.

The BtS episode accompanying the Mar. 21 episode, which kicked off with a discussion about reparations led by TDS correspondent and “white man” Michael Kosta, is particularly powerful. (Watch the clip if you’re troubled by those quotation marks.) Kosta, with a straight face, explains why he supports reparations: It will finally relieve him of all his white guilt. It’s a clip worth watching.

While this bit was, of course, over the top (and yes, funny), this is not about what Kosta said. This is about the way we talk about reparations, what another (likely white) guy said about reparations, and how Noah responded to him.

Source: dailykos