Trump 'lawyer' Giuliani makes the Sunday show rounds, and it did not go well (again)

Trump “lawyer” Rudy Giuliani spent his morning on the Sunday show circuit. This was almost certainly a bad idea, but (1) Rudy Giuliani would push his own mother down a flight of stairs for an extra five minutes on television and (2) at this point it is evident that whenever someone in the Donald Trump orbit says “lawyer” they really mean “publicist.” Rudy Giuliani is not going on the Sunday shows because he believes it will help Donald Trump’s legal position, as federal and state prosecutors investigate, at this point, every organization in which Trump has played a major role over the last decade. Rudy Giuliani is going on the Sunday shows in an attempt to craft a political defense of Trump, an attempt to convince pundits and the public that holding Trump to account for those crimes would be, itself, a political act, and too great a price for the nation to bear.

It did not go well. On ABC’s This Week, Giuliani seemed willing to admit that then-Trump dealmaker Michael Cohen had continued to pursue a high-level deal to construct a “Trump Tower” in Moscow—a deal that would have required the involvement of the Putin government—right up to the weeks of the election.

On whether Trump confidant Roger Stone gave the campaign a “heads-up” on upcoming Wikileaks-leaked material obtained from Russian spies, Giuliani suggested that while he didn’t “believe” it happened, “that’s not a crime.”

And on whether his client, Donald Trump, is a raging liar who’s word cannot be trusted:


GIULIANI: “[Cohen] will say whatever he has to say. He has changed his story 4 or 5 times.”ABC: “So has the president.”GIULIANI: “The president is not under oath.”

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) December 16, 2018
Source: dailykos