Trump promise to corn farmers may be a victim of Trump government shutdown

Donald Trump’s shutdown may be yet another way he’s doing farmers no favors. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, in this case. Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency was working on a plan to allow the year-round sale of E15 ethanol, which is currently not allowed for sale between June 1 and September 15. That would have meant added sales for corn farmers, but also problematic environmental effects. But with the EPA shut down, time is tight to change the rule in time:

“From the outset, the EPA gave itself very little wiggle room to complete the year-round E15 rule making before summer, so the shutdown is making a tight time line even tighter,” said Geoff Cooper, president of the Renewable Fuels Association.

Once again, Trump is failing to deliver for the people he claims to value the most. The good news is, this time that may be for the best for the environment.

Source: dailykos