Trump says federal workers want his shutdown. But they’re not having it.

Trump says federal workers want his shutdown. But they’re not having it.

As President Donald Trump’s partial government shutdown drags on over Congress’ refusal to fully fund the wall he wants to build along the nation’s southwest border, federal workers’ frustration is spilling into public view.

Trump told reporters Tuesday that “many” federal workers support the shutdown, saying he’s heard from federal workers who want him to “stay out until you get the funding for the wall.”

“These federal workers want the wall,” Trump said during a question-and-answer session in the Oval Office on Christmas Day. “The only one that doesn’t want the wall are the Democrats, because they don’t mind open borders.”

That angered many federal workers who are furloughed or going without pay over the holidays. Trump has refused to sign funding legislation until Congress gives him money for a border wall. While the two sides square off, many federal workers are wondering when they’ll get another paycheck.

“My husband is a federal worker, we need our paycheck next week to pay our mortgage,” Theresa Garcia, in Copperas Cove, Texas, tweeted, adding “#TrumpResign.”

“I am a federal worker who is working without pay. And yes, we live paycheck to paycheck. Who will pay my mortgage January 1st? You?” another federal worker tweeted at Trump.

Even many “essential” federal workers who aren’t furloughed are having to work without pay during the shutdown, unsure when they’ll get their next paycheck. Others have faced cancellations of their paid time off, like holiday vacations or sick leave for planned medical procedures.

Still, some Twitter users found ways to make light of Trump’s comments while still getting in jabs at the president — and at Stephen Miller, Trump’s famously anti-immigration adviser, who has been a consistent supporter of the wall and the shutdown.


Source: thinkprogress