Trump signs executive order to freeze pay for federal workers while gov is still shut down

As President Donald Trump’s partial government shutdown continues, he has issued an executive order to freeze the salary rates of federal employees at wherever they currently are. At stake? A 2.1 percent pay increase, applied across the board. This order from Trump came about on Friday, and would be in effect for 2019.

This order would impact civilian workers. Military personnel, on the other hand, will receive a raise of about 2.6 percent. (They are funded in a separate measure). 

And for clarity: 800,000 federal employees are finding this out right now, while they’re not being paid. Almost 400,000 of those employees have been furloughed (meaning they’ve been sent home from work without pay), while the rest are working, but not receiving pay. At this point, it’s unclear when the government will resume full activity and people will get their money.

Source: dailykos