Trump supporters overpower police on Capitol steps, force their way into buildings, security overrun

Donald Trump has barely started turning the rally crowd toward the Capitol building, but the white supremacist militias weren’t bothering to attend Trump’s repetition of lies about election fraud. They just went straight to the part about rampaging and pillaging.

BREAKING: Trump supporters have breached the Capitol building, tearing down 4 layers of security fencing and are attempting to occupy the building — fighting federal police who are overrun This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Thousands, police can’t stop them

— ELIJAH SCHAFFER (@ElijahSchaffer) January 6, 2021

The Madison LOC building is being evacuated after Trump supporters breeched security and ran past police. 

Militia have not breached the actual Capitol building. After knocking down four layers of security fence, they have, for now, been forced back behind a temporary fence. This is exactly what Donald Trump promised his supporters. And exactly what he wanted.

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 · 6:40:48 PM +00:00 · Mark Sumner

I don’t know how police can contain this much longer. Capitol Building – Washington, DC#StopTheSteal #DCProtests

— Kitty Boomhauer (@KBoomhauer) January 6, 2021

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 · 6:44:16 PM +00:00 · Mark Sumner

Cannon staffers are being told to take escape hoods, and to go underground to tunnels

— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) January 6, 2021

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 · 6:48:53 PM +00:00 · Mark Sumner

28/ Compared to leftist protests I’ve been at, the cops are comparatively chill. They’re not smashing people in the head, and no one’s kettling the Stop the Steal ralliers. They can just turn around and leave at any point. Except…. they’re not doing that.

— AntiFash Gordon (@AntiFashGordon) January 6, 2021

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 · 6:50:50 PM +00:00 · Mark Sumner

View from a distance showing several of the fences Trump supporters have knocked down. Notice that some of these supporters are wearing military gear. Unclear if they are armed.

Trump protesters have broken through barriers at the US Capitol

— Donie O’Sullivan (@donie) January 6, 2021

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 · 6:56:59 PM +00:00 · Mark Sumner

Capitol Police are now firing tear gas into the crowd.

— Zachary Petrizzo (@ZTPetrizzo) January 6, 2021

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 · 6:59:40 PM +00:00 · Mark Sumner

Oh, this can get more disturbing. 

They just put up a cross in front of the capitol building

— Anna Timmer (@VeritasSola) January 6, 2021

Correction: This does not appear to be in D.C., but in Lansing, MI as the pro-Trump protests there are hitting a definite harmony with the nation’s capital.

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 · 7:08:08 PM +00:00

Mark Sumner

Look I 100% applaud live coverage from the congressional proceedings today but news really needs to side-by-side with chaos outside. This is madness.

— Molly McKew (@MollyMcKew) January 6, 2021

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 · 7:11:22 PM +00:00

Mark Sumner

Just evacuated my office in Cannon due to a nearby threat. Now we’re seeing protesters assaulting Capitol Police. This is wrong. This is not who we are. I’m heartbroken for our nation today.

— Rep. Nancy Mace (@RepNancyMace) January 6, 2021

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 · 7:12:49 PM +00:00

Mark Sumner

The US Capitol is now on lockdown.

— Kaitlan Collins (@kaitlancollins) January 6, 2021

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 · 7:13:47 PM +00:00

Mark Sumner

Staff in the Senate Press gallery staff just informed reporters sitting at their desks that if protestors storm the Capitol building they will usher us all into the Senate chamber and lock the door

— Alayna Treene (@alaynatreene) January 6, 2021

Trump is continuing to lead tens of thousands toward the building, strangely not calling for the National Guard or military to step in. The attempt to hold a coup in the courts failed. The attempt to hold a coup in Congress failed. Now they’re just having a coup.

Whoa: Trump supporters going at it with the police on the steps of the Capitol as Congress counts the Electoral College ballots inside

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) January 6, 2021

19/ Police are deploying pepper spray and the crowd is pepper-spraying them back.

— AntiFash Gordon (@AntiFashGordon) January 6, 2021

Congressional offices have now also been told to evacuate the Cannon building.

— Josh Wingrove (@josh_wingrove) January 6, 2021

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 · 6:34:30 PM +00:00 · Mark Sumner

Despite leaving the stage at his rally and promising to march up Pennsylvania Ave to the Capitol, Trump has now returned to the White House by motorcade.

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 · 6:35:27 PM +00:00 · Mark Sumner

This is unconfirmed, but with all the madness going on at the moment, all too believable. 

Hearing that there is a bomb at the Capitol Hill Club. The offices at Cannon House Office Building facing the CHC are being evacuated. Buildings immediately around it are also being evacuated and cars being moved.

— Ron Bonjean (@RonBonjean) January 6, 2021

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