US to withdraw 2,200 troops deployed at Mexican border before midterms – live

  • Troops will be pulled before the holidays, officials said
  • About 3,000 troops will remain along with 2,300 national guard members
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8.45pm GMT

Nancy Pelosi is reportedly discussing a major concession to dissidents in the Democrat caucus.

Politico reports that Pelosi would accept term limits for committee chairs and party leaders. A number of Democrats opposed to Pelosi in the caucus have called for “new leadership.” Term limits are strongly opposed by many congressional Democrats, specifically in the Congressional Black Caucus.

8.37pm GMT

There are three gubernatorial races on the ballot in 2019. Voters in Kentucky, Mississippi and Louisiana will all pick their state’s next chief executive and, despite the deep red hue of all three states, Democrats could potentially sweep them.

Big picture: Remarkably, Democrats have a credible chance to win governor’s races in the reddest of states in 2019 — KY, LA and even MS.

If that happens, ominous omen for Trump’s GOP…

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Source: theguardian