USC settles for $215 million with victims of gynecologist known as ‘the Butcher’

George Tyndall was the University of Southern California’s only full-time gynecologist for 27 years. And as a 2018 Los Angeles Times investigation revealed, he sexually harassed and abused patients for the duration of his tenure there — remaining in USC’s employ for almost two full decades after University officials were notified of his misconduct, back in 2000.

(Victims say they notified medical center officials as far back as 1991; 2000 is the most recent date at which USC admits they knew, but did nothing, about the allegations about Tyndall.)

Tyndall was, in fact, able to remain at his post until his retirement in 2017, which was a quiet affair, even though an internal investigation found evidence of his abuse.

On Friday, USC reached a tentative settlement with hundreds of Tyndall’s victims. The University agreed to pay $215 million to settle the federal class action lawsuit that nearly 500 women filed, claiming sexual abuse by Tyndall.

All women who were patients of Tyndall’s at USC’s health center “would be eligible for $2,500, regardless of whether they allege abuse,” USC announced in a statement. USC estimates that could number anywhere from 14,000 to 17,000 women.

Additional compensation up to $250,000 could be available to former patients who submit to evaluation by a psychologist; those who “allege the worst abuse and offer additional information will be eligible for up to $20,000,” the New York Times reports.

Tyndall has denied all allegations of harassment and abuse. His license to practice was suspended by the state medical board in August, according to The Times, and “the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating possible criminal charges.”

Source: thinkprogress