'War detectives' get new lead on British dead from Korean war, thanks to Trump

Kim Jong-un has handed over human remains for identification from the cold war conflict after a meeting with the US president

It has been described as the forgotten war. One hundred thousand British soldiers fought in the Korean conflict between 1950 and 1953, but its hold on the memory of the nation is weak, a painful reality for the relatives of the 336 Britons still listed as missing in action and for whom there is no known grave.

But in an office located at Gloucestershire’s Imjin army barracks, named after the battle of Imjin River at which 650 soldiers of the Gloucestershire regiment faced 10,000 Chinese soldiers, the Ministry of Defence’s “war detectives” believe they may now be able to help keep some memories alive, thanks, in part, to Donald Trump.

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Source: theguardian