Warren wows Nevada with talk on race, prison, and weed: 'We have criminalized too much behavior'

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has released policy idea after policy idea. The senator from Massachusetts continues to wow in terms of consistency, content, and presentation. Why isn’t she getting the mainstream media attention that male candidates do? Why is she, somehow, never quite seen as “charming” or “impressive?” Or, that special word…. “Likeable?”

We all know where this is going: Sexism. Misogyny. The amount of credit cisgender men receive from the onset because of their sex. One thing is for certain, however, and Warren seems to know it, too. No matter what your gender identity is, if your message is simply “I’m not Trump,” it’s not good enough for 2020.

“If your message is ‘not-Trump,’ it’s not going to work,” the senator said to about 500 supporters while speaking at a high school gymnasium in Reno, Nevada. “Our job is to talk about our vision.”

At the rally held on Saturday, Warren (yet again) talked about policy ideas. Big issues—from climate change to racial equality to taxes—consistently come up. But for the Democrat from Massachusetts, they’re not just buzzwords meant to stir a reaction. She’s thorough, and she’s eager and transparent in sharing her specifics. 

Some examples? Let’s dig in.

Source: dailykos