We must not be complicit in Trump's distortion of the huge Democratic Midterm 2018 win

The country is divided into pseudo-ideological lines. As such, discerning reality by the lowliest informed makes altering implanted beliefs, subliminal or otherwise much more difficult. And it is that realization that makes the Democratic Midterm 2018 a bigger success than it seems.

Early on Election Day, I started calling Indivisible Houston activists in the field. I wanted to find out if there were any anomalies at any polling locations so I could visit and report on it. One directed me to an activist with a dual role with the party and several activist groups. I texted her. “All the problems from this morning are cleared up but if you want something to do come phonebank with us.”

When I got to the Harris County Democratic Party (HCDP) war room, there were dozens of people diligently calling people and urging them to vote. We were calling right up to the closing of the polls at 7 PM CT.

It was party time now. Hundreds of activists, supporters, and politicians converged at a huge watch party. The early numbers on the candidates the traditional mainstream media viewed as important were very positive. But as the night went on the races in Georgia and Florida started severely underperforming the polls. It was evident Gillum, Nelson, and Abrams were in trouble. But Beto O’Rourke was still overperforming raising the excitement level with every update. Even though at that time Harris County and El Paso County had not dropped yet, O’Rourke was up by several points. It turned quickly for a while but when Harris County dropped, all was good again. Then something happened. More rural areas started dropping and they ate the gains from the big urban and suburban areas. With over eight million, Beto was short about 250,000 votes.

The watch party seemed deflated. I could not understand why. By then we knew we won the House. Moreover, the Invisible Houston and other Indivisible, Swing Left, Pantsuit Republica, Black Lives Matter activists, and others in Harris County were extremely successful. The HCDP chairwoman came out and congratulated all the winners in Harris County with everyone in the room cheering at the top of their lungs.

Afterward, the doldrums seemed to return. Some were upset with the possible Bradley Effect in the Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum races. Some were upset that O’Rourke missed a Democratic win by just north of 200,000 votes, a number not hard to get in a state this big. The largest pool of potential votes is from the non-voters who definitely have progressive proclivities.

Source: dailykos