White House refuses to follow McConnell in acknowledging Trump's election defeat – live

8.38pm GMT

To say that elections have consequences feels like a gross understatement. Elections, as we learned tragically this year, are a matter of life and dead,” Warnock said. “And so vote, Georgia, like your life depends on it because it actually does.”

“I am an example and an iteration of the American story,” Warnock continued. “I’m a kid who grew up in public housing down in Savannah, Georgia.” He said he was born the 11th of 12 kids in his family, and the recipient of a Pell grant that allowed him to go to Morehouse College.

8.34pm GMT

Nancy Pelosi announced that masks will now be required at all times in the chamber, including on the floor, “without exception”.

Speaker Pelosi presiding over the House today announces “masks will now be required at all times in the hall of the House without exception including while members are under recognition…and recognition will be withdrawn if they remove the mask while speaking.” https://t.co/28UXMRiOSM pic.twitter.com/ybKbR6NEeB

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Source: theguardian