With a veto, DeSantis shuts down Florida's online learning platform as pandemic infections soar

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Florida continues to be a coronavirus clusterf–k, due in large part to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis apparently following the we can’t close the beaches, it’s prime tourist season school of governance. His latest move, however, is so bizarre that it has other state leaders wondering if he did it by accident.

For reasons apparent to nobody, DeSantis vetoed the entire near-$30-million budget of the state online education systems being used by Florida students to complete online high school and college courses. The Complete Florida Plus Program will cease to exist as of midnight tonight, and the site will be shut down.

As Politico reports, DeSantis’ veto came out of nowhere, “leading some higher education officials to wonder if there had been some sort of mistake.” Did DeSantis intend to scuttle the state’s entire online learning program in the middle of a pandemic now spiraling out of control in his state?

From the refusals of anyone around DeSantis to provide an explanation, it doesn’t seem to be an error. DeSantis just wants to end the state’s distance learning program, which will be shut down at midnight. Because DeSantis wants it to be … during a pandemic. A pandemic that makes distance learning the only practical means of continuing an education, as DeSantis’ previous bungles send Florida COVID-19 cases spiraling.

With, so far, no explanation or recourse.

Source: dailykos