Wondering what to do when GOTV is over? Get out the Obamacare enrollments!

So, you’ve voted, right? No? GO DO IT! I’ll wait.

Wondering where you vote on Election Day? Use our polling place locator to find out.

You got all your friends and family and grade school classmates to vote? No? Go do it. I’ll wait.

People are more likely to vote if a friend asks. Be that friend and use this VoteWithMe to find your friends in swing states and help get out their vote.

Done? Yay, you!! Now, let me tell you about open enrollment for health insurance with the Affordable Care Act, because it’s also that time, until December 15 in most states. These are the exceptions: 

California – January 15, 2019
Colorado – January 15, 2019
D.C. – January 31, 2019
Massachusetts – January 23, 2019
Minnesota – January 13, 2019
New York – January 31, 2019
Rhode Island – January 31, 2019

There are some great tools to help you or people you are helping figure out what options are available all across the country. Now that all the voting is done, get out there and get people signed up for Obamacare. It’s your second chance to give Trump and the Republicans the finger.

You know where to go, right? Healthcare.gov, because even Trump hasn’t been able to blow it up.

Source: dailykos