A community read: The Mueller report, Part II

Welcome to the Daily Kos community read of the Mueller report. We are working our way through the Mueller report at a pace of roughly 100 pages aper week. The introduction can be found here, and Part I is here.

If you’d care to join us, a free pdf of the redacted report is available from the Department of Justice. Multiple digital editions can be obtained from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and/or Apple Books. I went with the Washington Post edition, out of habit, I guess, but there are plenty of editions to choose from. After listening to the report on Audible, I realized that I would need the large paperback edition that would let me highlight the text and write notes in the margin.

This past week House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler of New York and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of California announced that Robert Mueller would publicly testify before their committees on July 17. Since he has already stated that everything he has to say on the matter of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is in his report, it is unlikely that Mueller’s testimony will change what we already know—if, that is, we have read his report. And at roughly 100 pages per week, we should finish up by July 14.

Last week, we learned what the Russians did in their “sweeping and systematic” interference in our 2016 elections. This week, we look at Russia’s links to, and contacts with, the Trump campaign as well as how the special counsel’s office decided who to charge and with what. 

Source: dailykos