American taxpayers pick up $118.3 million tab for Trump's golf habit

After repeatedly attacking his predecessor for golfing too much, Donald Trump has racked up more than $118 million in golfing fees on the taxpayers’ dime, according to HuffPost

Over the holiday, Trump made his 26th visit to Mar-a-Lago, where a portion of the taxpayer dollars used to fund his golf habit ultimately ends up in his very own pocket—likely to the tune of several million dollars.

Just to be clear, Trump has far out-golfed Obama, who at this point in his first term had hit the links some 88 days. In the past couple weeks, Trump logged his 227th day at the golf course. Additionally, Obama never turned a profit from golfing, while Trump has been double dipping all along—letting taxpayers both foot the bill and line his pockets.

They say there’s a Trump tweet for every occasion. In this case, there are 27.

Source: dailykos