An open letter to fair-minded Republican voters


It’s been a good while since we had a little chat, but since we have a mid-term election coming up I thought it was about time we talked again. Sorry about not speaking up sooner but  things have been a bit hectic around these parts with a Washington Post journalist being kidnapped, beaten to death, and butchered in Turkey, more than a dozen pipe bombs being sent to Democrats and the media (by someone who seems like a disturbed Trump “superfan,”) and the synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh (which was apparently a response to the “Soros funded” migrant caravan from Honduras), not to mention neo-Nazis and white supremacists getting arrested for violent beatings on both coasts.

Naturally, we don’t blame most of you guys for any of that. Stuff happens, right? Crazy people gonna be cray cray.

Even though I’m sure you could see how those of us on the receiving end of these kinds of threats and violence might be a little bit upset, angry, possibly enraged, even, I’m not writing to talk about any of that today. If you really mean it when you say things should be “more civil,” this is your chance to prove it.

I can understand how some things might have you somewhat upset too, things like the “caravan invasion” and the way that Justice Brett Kavanaugh was questioned during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Democrats were called “evil people” for that (even though all the available evidence and reports show that Sen. Dianne Feinstein never did share the contents of Dr. Ford’s letter with any other Democrats at all). I can understand that it was upsetting.

I think we can all admit it was ugly. Unseemly, even. I’m sure you would agree that the attempts by right-wing operatives to pay off women to falsely accuse special counsel Bob Mueller of sexual misconduct decades ago have you just as equally angry and upset as the Kavanaugh hearings, right?  I’m sure you understand that Democrats aren’t responsible for the actions of a disgusting cop killer who was originally deported by Bill Clinton, then again by George Bush? People really are innocent until proven guilty, aren’t they? Allegations such as those should be from credible sources and be fully vetted, yes? Killers and bombers are mostly responsible for their own actions, aren’t they?

Okay, then.

So now that we have an agreement, let’s work with that. I do believe that in the end there are many more things that we all agree on as Americans, rather than disagree. 

Source: dailykos