Arizona Republican Party sends increasingly alarming messages calling for sedition against the U.S.

In the wee hours of Monday night into Tuesday morning, the Arizona Republican Party’s official Twitter account decided to walk directly into the world of Trump-driven sedition. Retweeting some #StopTheSteal account that wrote “I am willing to give my life for this fight,” the Arizona Republican Party responded: “He is. Are you?”

It was a dangerous rhetorical piece of work for the entire Arizona Republican Party to endorse by way of its Twitter account. But that wasn’t the nadir. A now-deleted tweet by the same account, but preserved by the internets, included a video from one of the Rambo movies where the jingoistic male superhero, Rambo, aims a loaded bow and arrow at point-blank range at a bad guy, with the quote: “This is what we do, who we are. Live for nothing, or die for something.” 

Official Arizona GOP Twitter account overnight:

— Steven Dennis (@StevenTDennis) December 8, 2020

Arizona has officially declared that President-elect Joe Biden beat white supremacist in chief Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. So far, every state except Wisconsin has certified Biden or Trump for the victory of their state. Biden will be the next president of the United States unless there is a successful coup d’etat. There is no other discussion to be had here. Sadly, this terrorist rhetoric by an official outlet of the Republican Party is not shocking at this point in time. The leaders of the GOP have moved from complicity to actively backing Trump’s fascist coup attempt to overturn the democratically elected Biden’s presidential victory.

Source: dailykos