Barr's report continues to change nothing in terms of public opinion

Yet another poll released Monday shows the four-page partisan rendering of Robert Mueller’s findings by Attorney General William Barr has done almost nothing to alter public opinion on Donald Trump’s conduct. In the new PPP survey, a plurality of voters thinks Trump obstructed justice and colluded with Russians, most still think Trump’s a liar, and the vast majority want Mueller’s report released publicly. In some ways the exact numbers themselves are less telling than is their remarkable consistency from past polls.

49 percent say Trump obstructed justice (40 percent don’t), just like 49 percent did in June 2017
44 percent think team Trump colluded with Russia (43 percent don’t), similar to 45 percent who said Trump colluded in January

Several polls last week also found Americans’ views of Trump’s illegal activity were virtually unmoved by Barr’s four-page so-called summary of Mueller’s 400-page report.

One PPP figure that rose slightly was the number of people who say Trump’s a liar, 51-42 percent, versus in January when 48-44 percent said he was/wasn’t a liar. Apparently, Trump’s “no collusion” parade isn’t doing much for him among people who actually think and read.

Also similar to last week’s polling by other outlets, PPP found the vast majority of voters (68 percent) want to see Mueller’s report, not Barr’s CliffsNotes. Overall, though, most Americans are much more concerned with bread-and-butter issues than with Russiagate.

When asked whether they think health care or the Russia investigation is a more important issue, health care wins out 80-8. And when asked whether the Republican tax plan or the Russia investigation is a more important issue, the tax plan wins out 65-18. And Trump and Republicans have a lot of trouble on both of those issues. [Emphasis added.]

So go ahead and pick your poison; none of it figures well for Trump or the GOP.

Source: dailykos