Bernie Sanders unveils radical plan to overhaul estate tax laws – live

Bill would lower current exemption under which states are not liable from $11m to $3.5m

8.57pm GMT

The Senate overwhelmingly backed an amendment this afternoon that argued the continuing presence of ISIS in Afghanistan and Syria is a threat and requires a continued military presence. The vote is a rebuke for Trump who is seeking to withdraw U.S. forces from both countries.

8.29pm GMT

A well-known skeptic of the seriousness of climate change will join the Environmental Protection Agency’s science advisory board. Alabama climatologist John Christy has been a favorite of Republican lawmakers who disagree with the science that shows humans are heating the planet and causing an environmental crisis.

Christy was a lead author of a section of a 2011 report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. But that year he testified to a House panel that “it has become popular to try and attribute certain extreme events to human causation.”

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Source: theguardian