Billionaire white guy thinks Democratic grassroots wants a billionaire white guy in 2020

White billionaire hedge-fund guy Tom Steyer, a prolific funder to Democratic causes the last several cycles and promoter of a self-funded impeachment campaign last cycle, has taken stock of the political climate. While his impeachment effort grew his email list to four million or so, its broader impact on the political process was zero. It was a cynical and doomed effort, as the Republican-led House and Senate were never going to undertake anything resembling oversight, much less impeachment. And Democrats and the broader liberal grassroots shrugged it off as tactical idiocy. (The mainstream Democratic strategy of focusing laser-like on health care successfully carried the day.)

Furthermore, Steyer presumably took a look at the dynamite new Resistance groups who’ve taken the political process by storm—Black Lives Matter, immigrant-rights groups like the DREAMERs, and the dramatic increase of women participation in the political process, fueled by the #MeToo, Women’s March, and other such movements. 

And let’s assume that Steyer noticed the refocused progressive energy on economic issues, elevated by Sen. Bernie Sanders’s last cycle, and supercharged this cycle by newly emerging Democratic stars like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

And then he—a male, white billionaire hedge guy—decided that the takeaway from all that was that what the Democratic Party grassroots wanted was a white, billionaire, male hedge-fund guy for president

Source: dailykos