Brexit deal: May wins cabinet support but hints at ministers' reservations – Politics live

PM announces she has secured backing for plan after ‘long, detailed and impassioned debate’

8.53pm GMT

From the Financial Times’ Laura Hughes

Officials close to Cabinet say Esther McVey is “on the brink” of resigning. They added that she was “shouted down” by the Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill after demanding Cabinet voted on the deal.

8.49pm GMT

Gerard Batten, the Ukip leader, has released this statement about the draft deal.

In the morning we can expect a complete betrayal of the referendum result. Mrs May has threatened the cabinet with accepting her Not Really Leaving the EU Deal or the threat of a general election and the spectre of a Corbyn Marxist government.

This is exactly what I have predicted since the historic and spectacular referendum result. Ukip’s position is unilateral and unconditional withdrawal.

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Source: theguardian