Brexit: Government sets date for UK participation in EU elections – live news

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9.45pm BST

Brexit-backing Tory MPs, among them Bill Cash and John Redwood, have made impassioned pleas for the Commons not to pass the Cooper Letwin Bill, which would instruct the prime minister to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

They have characterised the Bill as an attempt to prevent the UK leaving the European Union because it would only allow for the UK to leave with a deal. And they have denounced the emergency Bill, which is being rushed through parliament, as an attack on the UK’s constitutional norms and as anti-democratic.

9.06pm BST

MPs are now debating amendments to Cooper Letwin. A result is expected within an hour or so.

We expect the House of Commons to debate the #CooperLetwin Bill around 9pm for up to an hour, with votes at the end.

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Source: theguardian