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7.29pm GMT

It’s perhaps worth noting that Labour appears to have issued a single-line whip, meaning it’s indicating its general position on the issue but does not necessarily expect its MPs to turn up and vote – in this case, against the bill.

The SNP’s Stewart McDonald is unimpressed by the manoeuvre:

Labour have gone from abstaining on the Immigration Bill to a one-line whip to vote against, which means their MPs should vote against it if they can be bothered staying for the vote at 10pm. Pathetic and insulting. SNP MPs are on a three-line whip to vote against – rightly so.

I should add I will be present to vote against – and would have been regardless of the Whip.

This #ImmigrationBill would grant sweeping powers to ministers to pursue an immigration policy that would damage our public services, our economy and our country. I’ll be joining Labour colleagues in voting against it without hesitation.

Tonight I will be voting AGAINST the Government’s disgraceful Immigration & Social Security Coordination Bill #freemovement

Totally agree with all those saying it should be a 3 line whip to vote against. As I said earlier, I was voting against regardless of the whip.

7.16pm GMT

It seems Labour MPs will now be asked to vote against the immigration bill tonight. The party had previously said it did not support the bill’s aims, but would ask MPs to abstain (see 4.42pm).

Just been informed that we are now being ‘1 line’ whipped to vote against the Immigration Bill this evening. This is welcome and overdue.

Delighted that Labour MPs are now be whipped to vote against the Tory Government’s pernicious #ImmigrationBill tonight. Thanks to all my constituents who contacted me about this today.

Confirmed: Labour will whip against immigration bill. Diane Abbott, 90 mins ago: “The Labour Party is clear that when Britain leaves the single market, freedom of movement ends…on that basis, the frontbench of the Labour Party will not be opposing this Bill this evening.”

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Source: theguardian