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Rolling coverage of the day’s politics, as Theresa May travels to The Hague, Berlin and Brussels to seek EU support for concessions on the Brexit deal

8.29pm GMT

Numerous journalists are now saying they have been told that enough Tory MPs have submitted – or are due to submit – letters opposing Theresa May’s leadership to force a confidence vote. They are citing unnamed sources.

Hearing that SirGraham Brady has asked to see the PM after #pmqs tmrw, and multiple sources, including senior tories and a cabinet minister, telling us tonight they believe the threshold of 48 letters has been reached – v unlikely to be any confirmation until tomorrow

I said on @itvnews that predicting when @theresa_may goes is mug’s game. But someone I actually trust in all this tells me the 48 letters threshold for no-confidence vote In her by Tory MPs has been passed. Might be wrong. And I might be a prize mug. But thought I should mention

1. I know, I know, I know that we have been here before, but senior tories are sounding more and more confident the threshold has been reached – more to the point a Remainer MP has just told me they will submit a letter too if there is not vote on deal by Christmas

2. At 3pm I was reliably told the numbers weren’t there, but this has been moving v fast indeed – at 5.30pm the PM said she hadn’t been told about threshold being reached

3. It’s exactly the time now when MP s were meant to be starting to vote on the deal

Take with a big pinch of salt but …Two Conservative MPs have told me that at least four letters of no confidence were submitted today. A third Tory MP expects the 48 letter threshold to be breached tomorrow morning. One of the other two thinks it has already happened. #Brexit

I know we’ve marched up this hill before, but I’ve now been told by two solid Tory sources – crucially neither of them “usual suspects” – that the 48 letters have been reached. Ultimately we’ll have to wait for Sir Graham Brady in the morning…

Call me an old cynic if you like, but the same MP ringing round everyone they can think of in the lobby talking darkly about 48 letters, and everyone tweeting it at the same time, does seem a *little* bit familiar

6.53pm GMT

A French politician has taken the lead in ensuring there is no “catastrophe” on the Dover-Calais route in the event of no-deal.

Xavier Bertrand, a former minister, invited the inter-goverment border delivery group to Lille on Monday. The Road Haulage Association was there and it said the UK government’s plans for customs declarations would mean eight hours of paperwork for a typical lorry.

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Source: theguardian