Cartoon: Profit now, die later!

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You probably already know about the United Nations report on climate change put out by the IPCC. Things don’t look good. In short, everyone in the world has to dramatically change our energy sources and our global economy, like, now. (Okay, we’ve got ten years but who’s counting.) If we don’t, things start to sound pretty apocalyptic—famine, wars, rising seas and temperatures, financial costs in the trillions.

That must be a report put out by those globalist scientists involved in the grand climate conspiracy, right? Um, actually, the Trump administration put out a report recently that sounds even more dire. But here’s the catch. They used the report to justify lowering Obama-era fuel efficiency standards. If the world is going to burn up, why should a few MPGs matter was their line of reasoning.

So whether it’s a “hoax” or something scientists really say is happening, either way Trump and his industry pals are going to do exactly the opposite of what needs to be done. For profit. Because it’s the opposite of what evil Obama did, take your pick. Ugh. (Enjoy the return of Three-Eyed Billy and come visit me over on Patreon!)

Source: Left