Cohen says Trump told him to lie about Stormy Daniels payments – live

President’s former lawyer testified Trump told him to say Trump had no knowledge of payments Cohen made to Daniels

9.04pm GMT

While on recess from the Cohen hearing, the House approved a bipartisan bill that would require background checks on all guns sales in the US.

At the moment, only licensed firearm dealers have to perform background checks – unlicensed dealers such as those at gun shows do not have to do background checks.

Dems celebrating on the House floor as gun control activists cheer and yell “thank you” from the gallery. This would be the most significant gun control reform in many years… but the Republican-controlled Senate and President Trump have said they will block it.

9.01pm GMT

Donald Trump’s personal attorney and fixer for more than 10 years, Michael Cohen, has spent the day making shocking allegations against the US president – and is about to continue!

Below is a summary of Cohen’s allegations so far. Cohen is set to serve three years in prison starting in May for campaign finance violations.

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Source: theguardian