Contribute to North Dakota Native Vote to disrupt Republican voter suppression

Last week, the Supreme Court delivered a major defeat for Native American voting rights in North Dakota when it allowed the implementation of a Republican-backed voter ID law.

In order to vote, the law requires documentation of a residential address. Native Americans living on reservations often don’t have residential addresses because the postal service doesn’t deliver mail to them. Instead, they use P.O. boxes. But now, IDs with a P.O. box aren’t valid for voting.

Fortunately, tribal identification is accepted at the polls. So Daily Kos has teamed up with North Dakota Native Vote, an organization working with local tribes to provide free, updated identification cards or address verification documents to tribal citizens.

With only a handful of days left to contact everyone and hundreds of acres of land to cover, it’s an ambitious and expensive undertaking but an important one. We can’t allow the GOP to succeed in their efforts to silence American Indian voices. Not when we can do something about it.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 to fund their efforts to reach every eligible Native American voter in North Dakota.

Community members who receive our emails have already chipped in more than $35,000. But we’re still short of our goal. If you can, please contribute $3 today to North Dakota Native Vote.

If you can’t donate, please share the donation page link with your network and make a personal ask to donate. Sharing why you think this is an important and worthy cause could inspire them to contribute.

Source: Left