Coronavirus live: half of Canadians 'to get vaccine by September'; Italy to ease Covid measures in some regions

Trudeau previously warned country would not get first doses; Italy to ease measures in five regions; singing and playing wind instruments ‘can increase risk of infection’, say Swiss authorities

8.47pm GMT

A study adds to evidence that people with type O or Rh*negative blood may be at slightly lower risk from the coronavirus.

Among 225,556 Canadians who were tested for the virus, the risk for a Covid-19 diagnosis was 12% lower and the risk for severe COVID-19 or death was 13% lower in people with blood group O versus those with A, AB, or B, researchers reported in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Our next study will specifically look at such antibodies, and whether they explain the protective effect,” Ray said.

8.32pm GMT

Hospitals in England have been told to prepare for the rollout of a coronavirus vaccine in as little as 10 days’ time, with NHS workers expected to be at the front of the queue, the Guardian has learned.

NHS bosses said hospitals could expect to receive their first deliveries of a vaccine produced by Pfizer/BioNTech as soon as 7 December, with regulatory approval anticipated within days.

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Source: theguardian