Coronavirus live news: Spain’s rate of confirmed cases at lowest level since August; Canada approves Pfizer vaccine

Spain’s rate of confirmed cases falls to 193 cases per 100,000 people; Canada becomes third country to approve Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine

8.07pm GMT

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Israel would start Covid-19 vaccinations from 27 December, after receiving its first batch of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine.

“The first vaccinations will be given on December 27,” he said in a press conference, noting the public health service would be capable of administering 60,000 inoculations a day.

Whoever receives a vaccination will be able to show a certificate or application that would enable entry to events, malls and all kinds of services.

This will encourage vaccinations and help return us to normalcy quickly.

We’re bringing an end to the plague.

7.35pm GMT

Police used tear gas late on Wednesday to disperse hundreds of Albanians protesting the killing by police of a young man who authorities said had violated an overnight curfew imposed to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

A 25-year-old man identified by Albanian media as Klodian Rasha was killed early on Tuesday in what police described as an excessive use of force by an officer during a curfew introduced to prevent the surge of Covid-19 cases.

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Source: theguardian