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Senator David Perdue of Georgia, who is up against Democrat Jon Ossoff in the special election for his seat in January, trades the most stock of any member of the US Senate, according to a New York Times analysis of Perdue’s stock trading.

Not only does Perdue trade stocks in high amounts, he also trades in companies that are directly affected by the policies he sets in the committees and subcommittees in which he serves. The Times noted that Perdue denies that his trading sets up a conflict between his personal financial matters and his job as a Senator, saying that he trading is handled by outside advisers without his input.

An examination of Mr. Perdue’s stock trading during his six years in office reveals that he has been the Senate’s most prolific stock trader by far, sometimes reporting 20 or more transactions in a single day.

The Times analyzed data compiled by Senate Stock Watcher, a nonpartisan website that aggregates publicly available information on lawmakers’ trading, and found that Mr. Perdue’s transactions accounted for nearly a third of all Senate trades reported in the past six years. His 2,596 trades, mostly in stocks but also in bonds and funds, roughly equal the combined trading volume of the next five most active traders in the Senate.

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The Republican National Committee is hosting a “Victory Rally” with Donald Trump and Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler before their January runoff elections. The rally will take place in Valdosta, Georgia, on Saturday.

New: President Trump announces a rally in Georgia this Saturday with David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

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Source: theguardian