Dear readers, Daily Kos wants to hear from you

Happy December, Daily Kos readers. We’re reaching the end of a decade, and also the end of a year that itself feels like a decade. I found my first gray hairs this year, and I place the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of 2019. January looms with retrospectives, reflections, and resolutions—and the beginning of a massive and important year in politics and news. Here in the Content Division that oversees the news and community teams at Daily Kos, we’re taking this opportunity to assess where we’re at and to think mindfully about where we’re going with our future coverage. Which tools should we prioritize building? Which subjects or issues are you interested in hearing more about? What are you just so sick of? Which formats work best for you, and what could use some tune-ups? What are we doing well, and how can we be even better? 

If you’ve got five to 10 minutes to spare, we’d love to have you fill out our survey. Along with the multiple choice questions, there are some open-ended questions, so feel free to let those anonymous opinions fly free. The results of this survey will become summarized in a report for all our writers and news and community staff, and your answers will help us better understand where our community and readership would like to see us go in the future. 

One of the many things that makes Daily Kos so unique is our relationship to our readers. Unlike most online publications, a good portion of our staff came out of the community. There’s a symbiotic relationship between our writers and our commenters that I’ve never seen elsewhere. We listen to you all and are grateful for your intelligent conversations, your opinions, and yes, even you armchair grammarians who point out that we missed a typo upon publication. We want to make this place the best we can and identify the priorities that will make your experience here worthwhile. So please take a few minutes and tell us what you think

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