Democrats unveil ambitious reforms targeting voter suppression and ethics violations – live

House Democrats plan to hold first vote on campaign finance reforms and automatic voter registration

9.24pm GMT

One interesting measurement of turnout in the midterms is provided in this stat from Dave Wasserman which shows very high turnout among Republicans and even higher turnout from Democrats

So far, the median Dem House nominee is receiving 91.3% of Clinton’s 2016 votes & the median R nominee is receiving only 80.4% of Trump’s votes (only counting the 394 races contested by both parties).

These figures will change slightly as more votes are tallied.

8.37pm GMT

One of the major trends in the midterms was the Republican collapse in the suburbs. As Michael Warren of the Weekly Standard notes, this trend bodes ill for the GOP in 2020:

But even if Trump can eke out another Electoral College victory by shedding the marginal suburban votes for greater rural turnout, that doesn’t solve his House problem. Congressional majorities are built on broader coalitions than the narrowest possible paths to the presidency. Democrats learned this the hard way when, in 2010, the party was wiped out (outside of majority-black districts) in the South. Barack Obama did what no other modern president had done by shrinking his popular vote total while still winning re-election in 2012. But Democrats never won back the House for the rest of Obama’s presidency, and his legislative agenda was effectively dead.

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Source: theguardian