Despite tainted election, Georgia governor's race highlights Democratic trend in Atlanta suburbs

This piece originally ran Dec. 4

Daily Kos Elections’ project to calculate the results of the 2018 Senate and gubernatorial elections broken down by congressional district has Georgia on its mind. As with past cycles, we’ll be releasing data after states certify their final results. You can find each state’s certification deadlines at Ballotpedia, and you can also find our complete set of data from this and previous cycles at Daily Kos.

Georgia’s race for governor saw Republican Brian Kemp narrowly edge Democrat Stacey Abrams 50-49 in an election marred by Kemp’s aggressive efforts to suppress the vote in his role as secretary of state. But despite the taint left by Kemp, whom Abrams rightly criticized for “eight years of systemic disenfranchisement, disinvestment and incompetence,” the results are still illuminating.

Abrams did better than both Barack Obama, who lost Georgia 53-46 in 2012, and Hillary Clinton, who lost the state 51-46. Abrams carried the same four safely blue congressional districts that both Democratic presidential nominees took, as well as two suburban Atlanta seats, the 6th and 7th Districts. That same night, the 6th flipped from red to blue, while GOP Rep. Rob Woodall narrowly held on in the neighboring 7th. At the start of the decade, Republican mapmakers had drawn both seats to be safely red, but they weren’t prepared for the big political changes the Trump era brought to these once-reliably red suburbs.

We’ll start with a look at the 6th, a district that, shall we say, has gotten its share of attention over the last two years.

Source: dailykos