Donald Trump is a historically weak president who is undermining America's national security

The world is laughing at Donald Trump. That isn’t to say that they aren’t afraid of the global damage he can do, but in the moment his buffoonery sometimes supersedes that. A month ago, a president of the United States spoke to the United Nations General Assembly, repeated one of his usual hyperbolic lies, and the response was open laughter. The world was laughing at Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been a bully his entire life. He takes advantage of the weak and the vulnerable. He uses his positions of power to harass and molest women, and laughs about it. Having inherited massive wealth and status, he uses it to stiff creditors, tying them up in court or in endless negotiations. As a public figure and politician he gleefully mocks and punishes the historically and structurally dispossessed, including racial, religious, sexual and gender minorities, desperate refugees, and even the disabled

Donald Trump apparently enjoys inflicting pain. It’s transparent proof that he is conscious of his own weakness. He is a little man who tries to act big, but he is too small to understand wherein greatness lies. He kicks those who are down while sniveling to avoid being kicked by those who aren’t. He is afraid of being exposed because he is incapable of comprehending how completely he already is.

Donald Trump pays obeisance to Saudi Arabia’s despotic crown prince. Donald Trump gets his ass kicked by North Korea’s bloodthirsty dictator. Donald Trump is subservient to Russia’s authoritarian despot. Donald Trump was a laughingstock at the United Nations. To Trump’s fan base, this is called making America great again.

Vladimir Putin is openly gloating:

In a wide-ranging exposition at the annual Valdai forum, Mr Putin continually returned to the idea that US hegemony was the cause of many global ills — but that its twilight offered opportunities for Russia and its friends….

“A country can get the sense from impunity that you can do anything,” he told an audience at a ski resort close to the southern city of Sochi. “This is the result of the monopoly from a unipolar world… Luckily this monopoly is disappearing. It’s almost done.”

Mr Putin said president Donald Trump had listened to his arguments and was not impervious to advice as suggested by some US media, adding that he still thought the US leader was working to restore a good US-Russian relationship.

Source: dailykos