Elections have consequences—House just passed an 'Ivanka amendment' to close an ethics loophole

Almost immediately after Donald Trump was elected, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner moved to Washington, D.C. While Jared took an official role as a senior White House adviser, Ivanka said she had no intention of taking a formal role.

That sentiment didn’t last long. A short time later, Ivanka also became a senior White House adviser, albeit an unpaid adviser. Apparently, she wanted a big role, just not a formal one. At least not a formal role on paper. This is an important distinction, because her status as an unpaid adviser meant that she was not automatically subject to ethics rules and record-retention laws, despite having a private office in the White House and her own personal staff, and undertaking widespread travel on behalf of the United States. 

While a spokesperson for Ivanka Trump said in early 2017 that she would voluntarily comply with ethics guidelines, the White House was, as usual, hazy on the details. From Politico in March 2017:

A spokeswoman for Ivanka Trump said her role was signed off on by the White House counsel’s office, and the conflict issues were “worked through” with the office of government ethics. A White House spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment about the unique arrangement.

Source: dailykos