Fear of 'discriminatory' public charge rule continues to have devastating effect on working families

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The Trump administration’s attack on legal immigration by trying to implement an “elitist” and “discriminatory” rule change seeking to block working immigrant families from a permanent future in the U.S. for legally accessing health and nutrition programs for U.S. citizen kids continues to have dire consequences.

“Under this rule,” the Center for American Progress reports, “federal officials would be able to deny a green card or permanent residency to immigrants who they consider likely to use Medicaid, food stamps, and housing benefits at any time in the future, fundamentally and unilaterally upending the nation’s immigration system.”

The rule change has not yet been finalized—it’s currently open for a 60 day public comment period here—yet its already had fearful immigrants pulling their kids out of programs they’re eligible for (as policy architect Stephen Miller intended), including current green card holders, nurse Jane Samuelson tells MPR News.

“We want you to discontinue our WIC service,” she said one couple told her. “We don’t think it is in our best interest to continue to participate.” Last month, providers in at least 18 states said they’d seen drops in enrollment in programs like WIC, even though the tax dollars of immigrant parents are helping fund the very programs they’re being threatened over.

We need to speak out with full force against this cruel attack on working families and our nation’s kids. Before this discriminatory rule can be finalized, the administration is required by law to accept public comments, so click here now to use this simple form and submit your own comment in defense of families and kids.

THEN GET OUT THE VOTE for immigrant families. Just click here, enter your zip code, choose the event that works best for you,​ and RSVP to attend.

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