Giuliani associate emailed Michael Cohen to 'sleep well' because he had 'friends in high places'

During the period between the FBI raid on his home and offices and the point at which Michael Cohen chose to break from his joint defense agreement with Donald Trump and make a deal with prosecutors, attorneys connected to Rudy Giuliani opened a “back channel” for email communications between Trump’s former personal attorney and Trump. Those emails appear to show how clearly Trump was dangling a pardon in front of his “fixer” if he would just fix the Mueller investigation by staying silent.

CNN has obtained copies of emails between Trump’s legal team and Cohen that were part of the large collection of documents that Cohen provided to the House Intelligence Committee during closed-door testimony early in March. The emails, both from April 21, 2018, don’t directly offer a pardon in exchange for Cohen’s silence—but “implicit” doesn’t seem to cover the level of promise included. 

The emails came from attorney Roberto Costello. Costello, who has worked with Giuliani for over 30 years, is one of two attorneys who Cohen testified had approached him claiming that they would provide him with legal assistance so long as he remained in the agreement with Trump. In the first email, Costello tells Cohen that Rudy “asked me to tell you that he knows how tough this is on you and your family and he will make (sure) to tell the President. He said thank you for opening this back channel of communication and asked me to keep in touch.” 

A second email from Costello is even more explicit. He informs Cohen that both Trump and Giuliani “are in our corner.” Then he explains, “Rudy said this communication channel must be maintained. He called it crucial and noted how reassured they were that they had someone like me whom Rudy has known for so many years in this role.” The email also states that the conversation with Trump was “very, very positive,” and assures Cohen, according to CNN, “You are loved.” Finally, Costello ends the email by telling Cohen, “Sleep well tonight, you have friends in high places.”

Source: dailykos