Giuliani associate Lev Parnas pushes to share new evidence with congressional investigators

Lev Parnas, who coordinated with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani on his Ukraine scheme, is making a play to share evidence uncovered by federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York with congressional impeachment investigators. Parnas is currently charged with violating campaign finance law and he is seeking permission to forward information made available to him by the Justice Department after the FBI seized certain materials from his home, including documents and an iPhone. Those materials, which Congress had subpoenaed from Parnas in October, are currently under protective order by the court as part of the ongoing investigation into the alleged conspiracy to illegally funnel foreign money to U.S. campaigns.

The information gleaned from the contents, however, could prove relevant to Democrats’ impeachment investigation, since Parnas was in frequent contact with Giuliani about Ukraine, among other matters.

“Review of these materials is essential to the Committee’s ability to corroborate the strength of Mr. Parnas’ potential testimony,” Parnas attorney Joseph Bondy wrote to the court in a letter filed Monday night. Bondy also said the government had no objection to Parnas producing the information for Congress, subject to court approval.

Just another potential bombshell hanging over Trumpworld. No one knows exactly what the next big revelation will be or when it will come to further implicate Trump and/or his bestie Rudy G in wrongdoing. But there are simply too many loose ends for that revelation not to drop in the next several months. 

Source: dailykos