GOP lawmakers continue to defend Trump after prosecutors assert his involvement in criminal acts

After a sitting United States president was accused in filings on Friday of being involved in a criminal conspiracy, one might imagine that the next round of Sunday shows would be well stocked with Republicans looking to distance themselves from an overt and flagrant act of corruption.

Or so we would say, if we had been all locked in an underground cave for two years only to finally peep out this morning. The real world consisted primarily of two of the usual Republican suspects, and their concern over the lawbreaking part was, ahem, muted at best.

Noted corruption-fighter Sen. Rand Paul was unimpressed. According to Rand Paul, campaign finance crimes can hardly be counted as crimes at all, and as for pursuing financial deals with the heads of hostile foreign states while winking about your soon-maybe-status as Oval Office resident, why, you’d practically be stupid not to do it.

And I think we have to decide in our society if — there are thousands and thousands of rules. It’s incredibly complicated, campaign finance. We have to decide whether or not really criminal penalties are the way we should approach criminal finance.

Who among us can keep straight whether it is legal or illegal to, after having paid hush money to a porn actress to keep her quiet about an affair on the eve of your presidential election, elaborately structure reimbursement payments to your lawyer-fixer from your private for-profit company so as to conceal the existence of that payment. It is Too Hard. It makes our wee brains hurt to think about; perhaps it would be better to use this opportunity to retroactively legalize whatever Donald Trump has done and Move On With Our Republican Lives.

Source: dailykos