Got funding? White school districts get billions more than schools with students of color

Though Brown v. Board of Education established that segregated schools are unconstitutional back in 1954, we’ve made little progress toward improving educational opportunity for students of color in America since then. According to writer and MacArthur “genius grant” recipient Nikole Hannah Jones, in some districts, school segregation is worse now than it was in the 1970s. And now we have recent financial data that demonstrates the incredible funding disparity between white school districts and districts that serve mostly students of color.

A new report from the nonprofit EdBuild singles out states in which school districts that serve predominantly white students receive $23 billion more in funding than those with predominantly black and brown students. Yes, you read that right: billions, with a B. According to NPR, the report states that “for every student enrolled, the average nonwhite school district receives $2,226 less than a white school district.” 

The data comes from 21 different states where this disparity exists. These include California, New York, and New Jersey, which are some of the most demographically diverse places in the United States. However, this is an issue that impacts students all across the country. According to the EdBuild report, more than half of students in the U.S. go to segregated, or what they refer to as “racially concentrated,” schools. Not all predominantly black and brown schools are in high-poverty areas. But the ones that are tend to fare the worst. Schools that serve primarily students of color in areas where there is a high concentration of poverty receive less money. Those districts get about $1,600 less per student than the national average, compared to schools that serve predominantly white and poor students, which receive only about $130 less. There goes the argument about class trumping race. The data shows that poor white students still get more school funding than black and brown students. If anything, the parents of poor black and brown students should really be the ones with all that economic anxiety that supposedly elected Donald Trump.

Source: dailykos