Has anyone seen Ben Carson lately? His department seems to be collapsing around him

Here’s a name we haven’t heard very much lately: Ben Carson. Here’s us using it in a sentence: Does anyone know if Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is actually doing anything? Because according to a recent NBC News investigation, HUD-subsidized properties are failing their health and safety inspections at a rate “more than 30 percent higher” than in 2016, and the administration appears to be doing very little, if anything, about that.

With citations for exposed wiring, missing smoke detectors and bug infestations, the Infill units racked up 113 health and safety violations — including 24 that HUD deemed “life-threatening.”

But more than nine months after the inspection, federally mandated deadlines for action have come and gone, and residents say little has changed.

HUD officials say the increased failure rate is due to tightened standards, but the lack of speedy action after inspections show dangerous conditions at HUD-subsidized properties (for example, exposed wiring and bug infestations) has a less noble cause: The Trump administration locked HUD into a hiring freeze. And the results of that hiring freeze are predictably catastrophic for tenants relying on HUD to rein in would-be slumlords:

Source: dailykos