Health insurance with a $0 premium? Obamacare has that

Open enrollment in the Affordable Care Act ends in a little over three weeks in most of the country, with a December 15 deadline.* 


In most of the country, low-income people can qualify for a FREE bronze plan on the #ACA marketplace. In a few hundred counties, some enrollees can even get a $0 gold plan after subsidies. It’s important to shop around every year!

— Cynthia Cox (@cynthiaccox) November 20, 2018

In every part of the country, there are deals to be had, so it’s important to shop around, even if you already have a plan. It’s also important to understand what you get for that $0 premium plan might provide you, so doing the homework is essential. 

There’s help available for that. You can get assistance in figuring out all of your options, or helping someone else figure out theirs, check out sites like the Get Covered Connector from Young Invincibles and Get America Covered. Then head to and get it done.

Source: dailykos